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Verein für die Schwarze Kunst e.V. (Association for preservation of traditional printing and related trades, Germany)
Verein für die Schwarze Kunst e.V Schröderstr. 71, , Heidelberg, 69120, Germany
Founded in 2013 in the printing workshop Offizin Haag Drugulin in Dresden (Germany), the association has set itself the task of preserving and promoting the craftsmanship of type casting, hot metal typesetting and letterpress printing, and of supporting the transfer of knowledge to future generations. These techniques are part of Germany's handicraft and industrial cultural heritage and have played a significant role in the democratic, technical, but also literary development of our free ...
Offizin Haag-Drugulin Graphischer Betrieb GmbH
Großenhainer Str. 11a, , Dresden, 01097, Germany
As a city of books and publishing, they were Leipzig’s pride and joy: the often gigantic printing companies like Spamer or Oskar Brandstetter were among the largest on the continent and equipped with all technical achievements of the age. The Drugulin printing office was never one of the biggest. Yet, it was unique because of its range of types – including not just roman and blackletter, but also other cultures’ scripts, including cuneiform, hieroglyphs, and Chinese; even ty...
Liebfrauenplatz 5, , Mainz, 55116, Germany
Experience the history of writing, books and printing "live": In the centre of Mainz's old town, opposite the cathedral, stands one of the oldest printing museums in the world. The World Museum of the Art of Printing is dedicated to the "man of the millennium" Johannes Gutenberg and his inventions, the global impact of which is still evident today and acknowledged in special exhibitions. The renowned specialised museum was founded in 1900 by citizens of Mainz on the...
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