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Maison de l'Imprimerie
7 avenue des Tilleuls,, , Rebais,, 77510, France
The Maison de l’Imprimerie printing museum was founded in 2010 by Mr Jacques Driot, a former student of the Estienne school of graphic arts (1957-1961) and a now retired printer/typographer. It is located in the town of Rebais, close to Paris, in a region that has a long history of papermaking and printing: a considerable number of paper mills used to be located in the nearby Morin river valley starting in the mid-17th century (the last one closed down in 2019), and the nearby town of C...
Printing Museum, Tokyo
1-3-3, Suido, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo, 112-8531, Japan
Among the attractions of the Printing Museum, Tokyo it is our precious collection of artifacts that stand out. These include the Hyakumanto Dharani, said to be the oldest printed matter in the world, printed material and type, tools and machines from all countries and eras form a collection running to 70,000 items, of which around 300 are on exhibit. Please come and see our historically and culturally valuable material.
Klingspor Museum
Herrnstrasse 80 63065 Offenbach am Main, am Main, Offenbach, 63065, Germany
The Klingspor Museum is well known for a collection of some 80.000 items telling a whole story about typography, printing, manuscripts and the art of the book. It is based on the typefoundary Klingspor, run by Karl Klingspor and his brother Wilhelm. The firm intended to understand all forms of writing and type in strict neighbourhood to the visual arts. Excellent prints, especially the so called typeprobes, proof the wide range of artistic forms coming out of the conception of fonts. Thanks t...
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